First Stop: Krakow, Poland!

So here we go, I’m off on a wild adventure to Krakow, Poland. For those of you who don’t know about Krakow, it used to be a booming city, as well as the capital of Poland. Now, it isn’t the capital anymore, (Warsaw is the current capital) but it is a great city to visit and I highly suggest it to anyone who is going to be cruising through Poland anytime soon. So why is Krakow such a cool place for a college student like myself? First off, there is a lot of history in the city. Years ago, there was a very high Jewish population so many of the ghettos where people were taken from during World War II are in Krakow. I am actually staying in the old Jewish part of town! It is very eerie walking around these streets and knowing what happened years ago; it is very sad, but from a historical standpoint, it is also very interesting. The flat I am currently writing this in is less than one mile from the factory where the movie Schindler’s List was filmed. I’ve seen the movie and heard stories but believe me when I say nothing compares to standing there in person.

Another reason why I’m really enjoying Krakow is all the great food. I’m a big food guy and I like to eat. Trying different foods is one of the reasons why I love to travel so much. You can tell a lot about a place by the food they serve. Now here’s a few tips while visiting Poland: Eat everything in sight. 9/10 times it will be the best tasting “zupa” (soup) or pierogis you will ever experience. Also, one of the cool things I really like about Poland is their sandwiches. In America, you eat sandwiches with two slices of bread but in Poland you just pile everything on top of one slice of bread and get to work on it. It’s genius. Once I return home, I think I’m going to adopt this tradition and give it a shot.

Below is a picture I took this morning from atop a small mountain right outside the city. It was a long walk (especially up the mountain) but it was worth it. How many Americans can say they started their day like this? Image

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